Tuesday, January 1, 2013
You Can Make Really Atmostpheric with a large Sun Or Moon..
You Have to Develop Your Imajination...
I'will Show You How To Make This ....

You Will Need :

-   Scissors

-   Paint And Paintbursh

-   Black Felt Tip Pen

-   Different Coloured Paper

Step By Step:
1>. Draw a Big Circle that almost fills your piece of paper. A good Way to do this is to draw arround a dinner plate.

2>.Then either paint the sky arround it or cut it and glue it into a different coloured piece of paper. it could be either a yellow sun setting against a red sky or a white moon against a night sky.
3>.Draw a Silhouette of anything you like across the sky using a black felt tip pen or black paint. go all the way across the picture and fill it all in. use a thinner paint or paintbrush to add detail. you can create a lots of different scenes

Level Of This Art : EASY 
Source :Art Attack From Disney Junior

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